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  Reduce Project Management Costs Without
Losing Control of Your Implementation

Optimized for Managing All Tracks of Work Through All Phases of the ASAP Life Cycle Reducing Administrative Effort, Time and Expense:

  • Quality Gate project structure with pre‐loaded WBS containing ASAP Best Practice Industry Solutions for the PMO and for each sub‐team.
  • Easy multi‐user access on the cloud keeping all project information in a single database for fast status updating, retrieval and analysis.
  • Proven project management reporting for quick communication of scope, schedule, cost and quality status and for making issues and risks visible to stakeholders at all organizational levels.
  • Automatic Email notifications and escalations can be sent to assignees of decisions, risks, action items and test problems based upon defined business rules.
  • Effective change request and approval processes to eliminate costly scope creep and unnecessary customizations.
  • Predesigned analytical charts to help you stay ahead of emerging problems by spotting adverse trends and exceptions to plan. Also, all data are exportable to excel to do your own analysis
    and data mining.
  • Special analytical tools and visualizations tailored to meet the needs of SAP implementation realization and testing phases. These include: test case rundown charts and test case bottleneck charts.
  • Special value proposition tracking tools and visualizations using Bayesian Weight of Evidence measurements.

PRIMMS® Features:

  • Web enabled SaaS Integrated Project and portfolio management tool will get you up and running immediately!
  • Actionalbe Information at the right level of detail for all stakeholders.
  • Supports the ASAP Methodology

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